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The air is heavy with a smell like molasses

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The air is heavy with a smell like molasses.

Every year my brother-in-law sets fire to field after field of sugar cane on his farm in Natal, South Africa. It may look chaotic, fun even, but there’s a good reason for doing so. The fire destroys all the dried leaves and other unwanted vegetation which grows up around the cane while leaving the cane itself unharmed. To do it by hand would require a day or more. The fire barely takes 45 minutes.
Did I mention how much fun it was to watch?


Zebra time

Zebra crossing

Zebras really are made for black and white or sepia photography. Their natural contrast make them stand out from the colour. In this case I was driving through the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve in South Africa when I saw these two making some sounds. (Click on the picture for larger image)

Diving into the moment

Frozen water

My Christmas present from Chantelle was a GoPro camera. If you aren’t familiar with them they are 1080HD video cameras which fit inside the palm of your hand, are incased in waterproof/shockproof containers and are able to take 11MP photos. What this meant was that I spent a lot of time in the waves at Kleinbrak River in South Africa trying to find those moments which catch the thrill of riding (and ducking) the huge waves which head towards the beaches.

Faded paint, pleasing to the eye

Demure door

Nothing lasts in seaside towns, especially not paint or wood.  The texture does, however, give the material a desirable character. I was walking along the quiet streets of Kleinbrak River in South Africa when I saw this doorway. The sun had already dipped below the horizon so all that was left was the blue and purple ambient light of the overhead sky. Perfect lighting since there were no sharp shadows. (Click on the picture for larger image)