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Building composition

This is not recent. It’s from a trip to New York in 2008. But on a very sunny May afternoon I stood outside the Whitney Museum and indulged in the classic exercise of using building shapes and lines to create an abstract image. The rule of thirds is in operation although the window does sit right in the middle. Having worked as an architect I can safely vouch that when architects design facades they are all dreaming of the day a photo like this can be taken of it.


Let’s occupy

Let's occupy

The banking system – hell, unregulated capitalism – has a lot to answer for when it comes to the current slump in the West’s economies. It’s no surprise that those who were uninvolved in the cause yet are suffering the worst would be angry about what happened. The unfairness in seeing the rich’s immunity to any responsibility or culpability is particularly galling, especially as unemployment, redundancy and poverty increase for those at the bottom. It’s hardly new. But the manner of the protests are. What began as an idea by the magazine Adbusters was soon picked up by demonstrators in New York who took to occupying Wall Street – the heart of America’s financial system. That spread to hundreds of other cities across America and the world, including here in London. On the first day of that Occupation my friends and I took a trip into the City of London to show our support and see what would happen. A fierce police presence meant no-one had access to the London Stock Exchange. Instead the protestors assembled on the steps of St Paul’s cathedral. Despite some courageous statements of support by the canon Giles Fraser the focus in the news became less about the Stock Exchange and more about the church. It was an interesting deflection but at least it reminded the world about what Jesus had to say about the rich and poor.