The photography of Alex Baker


This is old news but a little while ago I was a runner-up in a photographic competition for Oxford Dictionaries. Check it out:

Soon, the monsoon


A late September monsoon cloud start its growth over the Gulf of Siam off Koh Tao during our trip to Thailand

Spiderwebs on the line


So I went outside the other night only to find my washing line adorned with spiderwebs. My neighbours must think I’m giving them a wash.

National Day of Prayer, Wembley Stadium, London


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Sad Camera is Sad


This is not my design but I do think it taps into every photographer’s acceptance of what it means to be behind the camera.

It’s all in the eyes

Look ahead

Studies in smoke



Understanding the structure


Cotswold fields


Acquainted with the night

The background photo is fromĀ  a visit to Barcelona. The poem is just a current favourite.