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Island doorways

Naxos numbers

In the vibrant light of late afternoon sunshine I found this doorway down a side street on the Greek island of Naxos. Initially I thought the seven was merely the number of that house but as I examined the street I noticed it appearing all over the place, like some kind of graffiti tag. I’ve been back to Naxos on other visits where I’ve seen that number spray painted on rocks, trucks and trees. I still have no idea why.


A little movement

Nicki Rogers

So this is singer Nicki Rogers surrounded by what appears to be a million mental fireflies. That or a series of hippies are using tracer ammunition. This is not, however, an effect courtesy of photoshop. On the night in question she was sitting in front of a wall covered in fairy lights. The combination of a slow shutter and tilted flash set to fire at the end of the exposure along with a jaunty twirl of the lens meant this was achieved in camera. Which is always some kind of result I think.

The eyes have it

The eyes have it

I have a thing for eyes. That thing is mainly my eyes of course. Sure they’re windows into the soul but aren’t they also startling little jewels which twinkle brightly on an otherwise pale canvas? The eyes make the face. It’s the first thing I notice when I look at a girl.

Okay, this is clearly not a girl. It’s a ginger friend called Allen. Awesome Allen. He was staring up at the sky (and God perhaps) during the Greenbelt Arts Festival.

Beautifully classic

Beautifully classic

It was a warm spring day. The light made her glow.

All lit up

Love is?

A couple of years ago (November 2008 to be precise) artist Martin Firrell was given the chance by St Paul’s Cathedral to project a series of words and phrases onto its famous dome for a project called ‘The Question Mark Inside’. Having survived Nazi bombers and zillions of sloppy pigeons one of London’s most recognisable landmarks was to be bathed at night in blue and white. The project seeked to answer the question, ‘What are the things that make modern life meaningful and what does St Paul mean in that context?’ The answers were submitted by people from all walks of life in English, Sanskrit, Arabic, Portuguese and French, among others. Standing on the roof of Tate Modern from across the Thames I was able to take come remarkable photos. This is only one of my favourites.