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Spiderwebs on the line


So I went outside the other night only to find my washing line adorned with spiderwebs. My neighbours must think I’m giving them a wash.

It’s all in the eyes

Look ahead

Understanding the structure


Acquainted with the night

The background photo is from  a visit to Barcelona. The poem is just a current favourite.



Faded paint, pleasing to the eye

Demure door

Nothing lasts in seaside towns, especially not paint or wood.  The texture does, however, give the material a desirable character. I was walking along the quiet streets of Kleinbrak River in South Africa when I saw this doorway. The sun had already dipped below the horizon so all that was left was the blue and purple ambient light of the overhead sky. Perfect lighting since there were no sharp shadows. (Click on the picture for larger image)

A model pose

hello there

Simply put, a few of my favourite things. Taken in Calais, France.

How to grow a light tree

It's alive!

Is it true that last Spring I planted a little light bulb in my plant pot and now it’s fully grown? The answer is…of course not. That would be magic. That would involve wizards living in my garden. Of course that is not the case. Sadly since they would make great gardening accessories.

This is a classic example of painting with light. What you have here is a camera on a tripod with the shutter set to ‘bulb’. The aperture was f11, ISO100. I used a remote control to release the shutter and close it after I had finished. As for the magic? That was nothing more than a torch. It’s not a perfect shot – you can still see the faint movement of my trousers to the left of the plant pot.

He stares off

Spare a penny mate?

This is my friend, the writer and poet Jonathan Langley. It was late in the evening, during the early Autumn, that we strolled across the M4 motorway near the Theale offramp. Between us we had nothing but four Fosters, a long day and the silence which comes with years of hanging out. Below the pedestrian bridge we watched commuters speed home to their middle class houses. And made some hilariously inappropriate knob jokes. Good times.

Colourful Gaudi

I recently returned from a 5-day trip to Barcelona. Antoni Gaudi’s designs are a black and white photographer’s worst nightmare. You can’t ignore the colours. That would be criminal.