I don't always look this seriousAlexander Joslizen Baker is a photographer, designer and recovering architect. Based in rural Berkshire, but with a portfolio and breadth of experience that covers the British Isles, Africa, Asia, North America and the Middle East, he is passionate about beauty and possesses a unique gift in his ability to capture it. From exquisite body and model work to nuanced, intimate portraiture, Studio Joslizen treats every assignment – whether a time-critical celebrity press shoot or capturing the true feel and spirit of an important event – with the same level of absorbing focus and instinct for beauty, character and detail.

Quietly professional in the field; meticulous in post-production graphic manipulation and innovative in lay-out, editing and design, Studio Joslizen has produced everything from warm, human press photos to truly breathtaking art-photography and on-assignment travel documents that capture the uniqueness, detail and spirit of place.

Studio Joslizen produces glamorous. Studio Joslizen captures beautiful. Studio Joslizen enchants, amuses, captivates and astounds with its photography and impresses with its layout, design and video work. Studio Joslizen has access to an army of the hottest graphicists, web designers, cinematographers, sound recordists, copy-writers and editors, but is primarily Alexander Joslizen Baker.

To see all my official photography wesbite please go to: www.alexbakerphotography.com

To see my general portfolio including design, photography and cartoons please go to: studiojoslizen.com