Mirrored reflections

I had a lot of fun, albeit it in muddy fields, with mirrors and reflections (and a brave model).

Chants-Field-Mirror-1-by-Alex-Baker-Photography Chants-Field-Mirror-2-by-Alex-Baker-Photography Chants-Field-Mirror-3-by-Alex-Baker-Photography Chants-Field-Mirror-4-by-Alex-Baker-Photography Chants-Field-Mirror-5-by-Alex-Baker-Photography

So how did this happen? Or did the model just happen to have a hole in her? Was there some double exposure in camera? Is there another mirror reflecting back? Does the landscape opposite the model mirror what is behind her?  Or is there some photoshop trickery?

The last two options are where it all starts to make sense. If you do have a place that is symmetrical and identical on all sides then plonking a model in the middle while taking a photo at a slight angle (so you don’t appear) can work. A walled garden is a good example. In the absence of that – there’s no such space near where I live – I opted for good old-fashioned photoshop trickery. Set your camera up on a tripod (in this case ISO400, f2.8, 1/1000sec), take a photo of the model, lock the focus, ask her to move out of shot, take another photo. Now it’s time to head over to photoshop where you create a layer mask of the mirror shape so the background shot appears on the model shot. Presto.