Finally, a postcard

by studiojoslizen

That's fake, surely?

All my life I wondered whether I would ever be able to take a ‘postcard’ photo. Not that I necessarily think they are aesthetically pleasing nor fine examples of good design. But they are a particularly unique branch of ‘pop’ photography. And would I ever take one? Well, on a trip to Bruges this year – in between tracking down all the scenes from the Colin Farell movie – I was strolling along the banks of the canals on a late summer evening when I came upon this scene. Out came the tripod. I knew that I would like the evening sky to shine brightly so a long exposure was key. Setting the ISO to 200 avoided camera noise/grain. Opening the aperture to 25 meant the whole scene could be in focus. And finally, a nice long exposure of 30 secs during which passers-by looked at me shielding my tripod and wondering what sort of street theatre I was engaged in. I took two shots both of which came out perfectly first time. That almost never happens.

Where do I stick the stamp?