Photographing Fay Weldon

by studiojoslizen

Fay Weldon by Alex Baker

While Fay Weldon looks serious in this photo the afternoon spent at her house taking photos was easily one of the most enjoyable assignments ever. This time it was for Christianity magazine in the UK. Fay had recently been baptised and become a member of her local Anglican church. Charismatic and keen to speak her mind, Fay was more than willing to discuss her take on faith and the church. Her home is a lovely manor house in the counties, which she shares with her husband. Upon my arrival she ushered me into the large farm-house style kitchen where she made me a cup of tea before showing me around the garden. She seemed as fascinated by my upbringing (the diplomatic childhood, a writer for a mother, etc) as I was by her writing. Check out some of the photos here.